Call for Papers

The Journal of Dialogue Studies invites papers from all disciplines for its upcoming new issue. The overarching theme of the new issue will be ‘Dialogue and Education’, exploring the intersections and parallelisms of these two important concepts.

We invite papers on topics listed below, but not limited to;

  • How can dialogue be implemented as part of an educational model?
  • Where does dialogue stand as a developing discipline-subdiscipline in higher education?
  • Are there educational initiatives around the world using curricula inspired by dialogue, and how successful are they?
  • Dialogue and education models
  • Education and dialogue theories
  • What is the role of education in promoting dialogue between different communities?

The Editors welcome papers which address these questions in relation to one or more than one specified dialogue theories. They also welcome critical case studies of the application of specific dialogue theories in practice. In all papers submitted, a concern with the theory or practice of dialogue should be in the foreground.

While the Editors do not wish to be prescriptive about the definition of dialogue, they do specify that papers should have a clear bearing on ‘live’ dialogue – actual interaction between human beings; papers which analyse written, fictional dialogue without relating this clearly and convincingly to ‘live’ dialogue are not suitable for the Journal.

Case studies should include a high level of critical evaluation of the practice in question, and/or apply dialogue theory in a way that advances understanding or critique of that theory and/or its application.

Papers should be submitted by email attachment to: and must be received by 11 October 2017 in order to allow sufficient time for peer review. Manuscripts should be presented in a form that meets the requirements set out in Journal’s Article Submission Guidelines, provided here, and Style Guide, provided here. The running order for Volume 3, Number 2, listing the papers to be published in that issue, will be announced by the beginning of December 2017.

Please send any queries to the Editorial Team via