Rafael de Araujo Arosa Monteiro

Rafael de Araujo Arosa Monteiro
Rafael de Araujo Arosa Monteiro is a PhD student and MSc in Environmental Science (2018) from the University of São Paulo; specialist in Environmental Education for Sustainability from University Center Senac (2015); and Bachelor of Environmental Management from the University of São Paulo (2012). He has experience in the environmental education process developed by Brazilian NGOs of marine conservation. He is a researcher in the Laboratory of Environmental Education and Policy (Oca) at the University of São Paulo, where he investigates the dialogue in processes of environmental education, seeking to develop dialogical methods and indicators.
Dialogue Method: A Proposal to Foster Intra- and Inter-community Dialogic Engagement
Virtual Dialogues: A Method to Deal with Polarisation in a Time of Social Isolation Caused by COVID-19
Dialogue and Environmental Education: Conflicts Between Marine Conservation and Fishing